Personality Of The Week

Personality of The Week: Kyimari Cooper

Ever heard of TheNaturalMovement? Yes? No? Anyway, I have the brain behind it, on the blog today and she talks about what led her to start this movement.

Kyimari Cooper


Let’s meet you…
My name is Kyimari (Key-mar-ee). Kyimari Cooper.

Where are you from?
I am from the United States. I live in the state of Florida better known as The Sunshine State.

Tell us about TheNaturalMovement and why you started it.
TheNaturalMovement began in May of 2015. I had been natural for about a year and a half and I loved talking with other naturals about hair. One day I just got the idea to try something different. Maybe there were girls who felt the same as I. I made a tweet asking who was natural and whoever responded, I messaged. We had 100 girl within the first two days. It was very exciting.

This movement has grown so huge on social media platforms so far. Did you expect this growth rate?
No, not at all.

Tell us some more about it.
TheNaturalMovement is a way for me to reach out to thousands of girls around the world. My main account allows me to do so because of my follower base. I tend to promote the movement’s page to attract more attention. I have the Twitter account as well as an Instagram account, and a group chat where we all bond as a whole. It’s more than hair, we are a sisterhood.

So I am sure that everyday your account(you) gets a lot of questions about going natural, or even about staying natural and you also said you reach out to girls all over the world….how do you keep up with all of these?
It’s fairly easy because at the moment I have a lot of time on my hands, so it is easy for me to check frequently and see what advice and questions people may need or want answered.

So for people who intend to join the group chat or even follow on twitter and instagram….what should they do?
The Twitter is @movementnatural and the Instagram is: thenaturalmovement_
I’m almost always tweeting something to let people know we have a group, so they can always spot a tweet or message the accounts if interested in joining for sure.

So what new thing is “cooking”?
I am starting my own product line soon.

Oh wow…that is so cool. Thank you for coming on the blog today.
You are welcome.


Quote of the day:
We are what we repeatedly do; excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.

Hurray!!! We are on BBM…Join our BBM Channel, don’t be left out! C004482DE


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