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DAWN…(Rantings) by Sharon Okhai


So I am writing this article at about 1:46AM. It is just silence,  darkness all around. The curtains are drawn, the fan is rolling. I am somewhat lost in thought. My eyes are wide open, no sign of sleep forthcoming, call it anything, but I am sure it is not insomnia.
I just appreciate the solitude.

My life has been busy, from my job, to most importantly, my FULL house. We are just a bunch of “girlsss”. You never get bored. You are almost never home alone. And you dont always get to meet a quiet house.
I love them all though and they are my world!

Anyway, who still needs time to think through her already busy brain? Me! So….
        The week just about started. Lastweek for me was awesome. I wrapped the awesomeness up with the chill-out time I had with Blessing Iyamadiken @blessingiyama and Elsie Ogianyo @elsielaquezee (And to was nice meeting you).
We got to meet at the cinema, and the movie showing was just perfect. I got to display my hardcore habit of being late (damn..I thought I was past that). I arrived at the cinema 1:46PM..and we had originally planned to meet by 12. Ouch. I am just the best business partner you could ever have.


        Well, this week holds a lot for me. I am just here hoping on a lot of things. Aside that, it is just going to be work for me, read(got a major exam coming up), follow up my favorite celebrities on Instagram, monitor my followers on Twitter, and just have fun chatting on Whatsapp (my phone battery never lasts-Fact). And more importantly I am just gonna be good!

I am just gonna rock and roll on the word “positive” this week!
Life holds more than what we see and what we get. I don’t know what life holds for me this week. In the past, I have had a lot of reasons to mop around, lots of disappointments here and there but I have learnt that when I feel positive, I feel lighter, I feel above that situation. Like “Hello? You are just a little thing to me now you can’t weigh me down!” That’s my attitude when I decide to stay positive and smile  through the week.
        I didn’t wanna write about anything, I just wanted to ramble. Let some of my thoughts out of  my cute head and probably get somebody inspired…(Lol..did I?) Yes? Thank you. No? Go hate on Kanye because I know I probably got someone inspired! (even if I didn’t, that’s the spirit. Be positive).
        It’s 2:22AM already and my eyelids are drooping. It is a wrap for me.

Have a positive week and do me favour. Just Smile!!!

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Quote of the day:
Train up a child in the way that he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it.
-Proverbs 22:6

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