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Knowing Your Worth! What? Worth? – Elsie Ogianyo

Hello lovelies! So today is for musings really. I would just be sharing the matter on which my mind has been pondering on for a while now which is “Worth”.


I know at one time or the other, we have asked ourselves at least one of the questions, below right? Well I have, in fact all the time I keep asking myself,
“What can I offer, What is my worth? What is my relevance? Who am I? Am I even worth anything at all?”

First, I have to say that once you know your worth, you would never settle for less. There is always that tendency for us to go with the “maybe I’ll just manage it like that” mentality. Especially we Nigerians, we are so resilient, we are adept at managing, managing jobs, managing relationships, managing so many things.
Though, I can’t really say it is all together our fault, as there are so many contributing factors.

I also think we allow negativity to reduce our worth, something bad happens to you a couple of times, and after some time you begin to weigh your worth, you start to think, “oh maybe I dont deserve the best after all, who am I that I should be so happy?”
Well who are you not to be?


Only you can validate your self-worth, only you can refuse to settle for less, only you can remove yourself from a negative situation and just because you’ve failed at some things doesn’t mean you are good for nothing. Just because someone doesn’t know your value, because they are too blind to see doesn’t reduce your worth.

Don’t stand for that victimization, stand up to it.
Don’t settle for that low paying, value less, draining job, go for your dream job.
So what if you’ve failed at your business or an exam you took a couple of times, who says you have to get it right the first time anyway? Try, try, try, again.
So what if the relationship didn’t work out? Love yourself.


The way you perceive yourself is really the way people will treat you, which means you might want to start thinking highly of yourself, remember that you matter.

Knowing your self-worth isn’t pride, it is simply that you have found yourself and you are loving you.
So when you wake up every morning, tell yourself,
“I deserve so much, as much good as this life can offer”.

Laugh in the rain, dance in the dark, brave your storms, never ever give in to feelings of worthlessness, and tomorrow you’ll be happier and stronger for it
Psalm 139:13-14
For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.

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—Unknown Author

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