Personality Of The Week

Personality Of The Week – Olivia Emeadi

She is a single mother, entrepreneur, event planner. Based in the nation’s capital, Abuja, Miss Olivia tells The Connect about herself, her business and how she combines what she does with being a single mum.

Olivia Emeadi

Q: Good day ma, may we meet you?
A: My name is Olivia Emeadi.

Q: You are an entrepreneur, event planner, single mother and very active on social media…tell me how do you manage all of this?
A: Yes I am! Amongst other things. The truth is that I can’t take credit for how far I’ve come. God has been amazing and so faithful, even though over time I’ve learned that finding a balance between motherhood, businesses and a social life is key, it has never been by my strength alone. I love my daughter so much it makes my heart sing! I want to spend every moment with her, but there are all these bills and fees and what not, so that’s impossible and that’s where balance comes in. It’s tough but it’s totally do-able.

Q: I am quite curious about you being a single mum, if you dont mind, at what age did you have your child and can you share with us, a little on the events leading to her birth?
A: I was 21 and in the university when I found out I was pregnant with Heaven. I was living in Owerri where single motherhood was largely frowned at and then I was pretty popular so you can imagine the gossip, tongue-lashing and disdainful looks I endured. Everyone doubted me. I was told I would never amount to anything if I let a child weigh me down but I spent a lot of time praying and I knew in my heart that I wanted this child and I went for it. In 2014, I started a blog, to provide a safe community and support system for single moms and pregnant spinsters but juggling everything in my life hasn’t left much room for the blog. I plan to relaunch this year though.

Q: Tell us a little about yourself and your background.
A: About myself, hmmm…I’m from Imo state, I am big sister to 3 awesome siblings. I am a mom, serial entrepreneur and a sucker for love, haha. Oh, and a worrier, I literally worry about everything.

Q: Lagos seems to be the hub of events, is it same or any different in Abuja?
A: True that, but event management is a lot bigger than what it used to be. It isn’t restricted to your immediate environment. Most planners, myself included, work across state lines. Just because you are based in Abuja doesn’t mean you won’t work in Lagos or Owerri or Portharcourt you know.

Q: When you were about starting up, how did you know that this was something you wanted to do. Did u have any of those “Eureka!!!” moments?
A: The Mead Company was born in 2014. I can’t say it was something I always wanted to do, but I knew it was something I could do with a difference. It was something I had done for friends in the past without getting paid and I realized I was sleeping on a gold mine. My organisational skills are off the charts and I have a lot of experience in people management from previous jobs. A few months later I decided to move to Abuja and it was hands down the best business decision.

Q: Many entrepreneurs experience a lack of finance to start up, did you have those problems starting up?
A: Oh definitely! But you know event planning doesn’t require a lot of capital at first. What you need most is someone who believes in you enough to give you your first event. With growth, you can invest in your training and maybe diversify. Now, The Mead Company has gone from planning to a complete one-stop event management company, we also design invitations and custom event stationery.

The Mead Company

Q: What won’t you be caught dead doing?
A: Well I’ve been known to try anything at least once, but you won’t catch me gossiping. I have been a victim and it wasn’t pretty.

Q: What are your hobbies?
A: I love to cook, read, do some creative decorating and travel. I plan to travel more this year.

Q: Tell us a little about your daughter.
A: Her name is Heaven!!! She’ll be 4 in September and she’s a gorgeous, gorgeous little lady with the brightest mind you have ever seen. I cant wait for her to grow up, it’ll be too lit!


Q: You started the hashtag  “mogulwomanbusinessexpo” on twitter, mind sharing what it is about?
A: #MogulWomanBusinessExpo is a support system I started for women owned businesses to help advertise their goods and services and also encourage women to start a business. I’m always telling other women to support one another and stop tearing each other down. It is hard enough being a woman. What better way to tell it than to show it?


Q: Where do you see yourself in 5years?
A: In 5 years, I would have successfully built Ollie Mead the brand. My company would grow beyond events to media, entertainment, charity and commerce. The dream is world domination.

Q: How can we reach your business on social media.
A: It’s @themeadcompany on Twitter/Instagram and 593e6727 on bbm. It’s coming soon to other social media platforms.

Q: It was nice talking to you…thanks for coming on the blog.
A: Thank you for having me. Your blog is great! Two thumbs up!

Quote of the day:
Don’t get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.
  – Dolly Parton

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3 thoughts on “Personality Of The Week – Olivia Emeadi

  1. She has lovely personality really. Single motherhood is definitely not a walk in the park and for the fact that she was/is able to rise above the hate, mockery and storm to find a stand is very inspiring.

    My favourite part of the interview is:
    Q: What won’t you be caught dead doing?
    A: Well I’ve been known to try anything at least once, but you won’t catch me gossiping. I have been a victim and it wasn’t pretty.

    People need to stop letting others down and mind their business.

    Liked by 1 person

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