Beauty and Hair Care

3 Major Ways To Cure And Prevent Damaged Curls

….by Victoria Howell

Every woman sooner or later has to fight with damages, dryness and split ends. There are so many things that can break your curls. That is why it is very important to know the most common threats to your hair and ways to prevent them. Because prevention is always much better than repairing.



Tip #1 Stay away from heat:

Of course it is very difficult to refuse heating tools completely, but you should give your hair some rest at least once a week. Stick to “wash and go look” and let your hair air dry, without using blow dryers, curling and flat irons especially. Even so, when you use special heating tools, don’t forget to moisturize your hair  additionally. Use a special heat protecting primer – some kind of spray or cream to reduce the harmful effect. Also, attach a diffuser to your blow-dryer to change the air flow and spread the heat over a larger area. It helps to low down the concentration of hot air on your strands, and decreases harm.

Tip #2 Read what you buy:

If it happened that your hair is already thin and weak, it is 100% very dry. You are to give it as much moisture as it possible. Use products that nourish and hydrate your hair and your problem will luckily disappear. Also apply oil containing serums and conditioner for your hair type. Such treating will make your thirsty locks feel better. The primer soothes dehydrated hair for optimal curl formation and softness.

Tip #3 Treat your hair right:

Buy shampoos only for dry and damaged hair, carefully reading what is written at the back of the bottle.
Use a special hair cream: apply it to your hair and leave for about 20 minutes under a plastic shower cap. You can enhance the effect with the help of blow dryer. Just direct the steam on your head and let the heat do it’s job. Do such procedure no longer than 6 minutes. During this time, proteins and amino acids, which are essential for healthy hair, are being restored. Rinse your hair after it. 

Now you know exactly what to do in case your hair is  damaged and dry. Take care of your hair and it will be thankful to you.

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