Moments With Shan

Dear Diary

…by Sharon Okhai


So I think I’m beginning to loose my muse (the last time this happened was the last time I wrote a poem..two years back).

I almost didn’t get to write this article. What was it I said in last week’s article? Staying positive? YES! I’m just too proud to give up, to let myself get down. We aren’t always going to be in our best moments.

So today’s thursday. I’m home. Not alone. I’m just in my room, my headphones on (listening to the full album of Hillsong United). It is a gospel rock band group just incase you don’t know. Let’s just say I got tired of shuffling between chris brown’s Royalty album or sia’s ‘This is acting’ new album (it happens).

And I’m just here reminiscing those times when I’d pick up my pen and just start writing. I would end up writing a poem, something inspirational to myself or something I think is downright funny (it doesn’t have to be funny to you). I was always writing something!..and boom! I lost my touch. I don’t know how but not up until I started writing for ™The Connect, I haven’t been so much of a writer.

So I stumbled upon my very cute diary where I write my poems. I read through it page by page, then I decided I would share a poem with you guys.


Fly with me
Let’s fly away
Outside of earth with glee
Strangers, but we’d find our way
We’ll soar
Our laughter a roar
Lost in abandon
Yet we’re not done
A frown at the thought of been back
To a world I know where freedom lacks,
But the memories of tide after earth,
Would remain in our hearts even after death.
(Dated april of ’14).

Hey! That was short. So thanks for reading through, and even if you are not a poem lover, that wasn’t so hard yeah?
Anyway, Keep staying positive! Au revoir.

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