Moments With Shan

I Just Gotta Say This!!!

….by Sharon Okhai


A friend recently sent me a picture of how I looked last two years and guess what? I totally argued that wasn’t me. Me? Looking like I was just dragged out of a sharks mouth??? Hell No!!!

We change, noticeably or not, we go through that process. There were some trends I considered “hot fashion” back then and now am like “heck no!!”.
I told myself I was never gonna say this ever, but that’s the beauty about life! Those not so perfect moments we go through, makes us appreciate life more and sometimes just serves as a rib-cracking jokes later on, when we go down memory lane.

So this time last two years, I went into a cosmetic shop with my bestfriend and twin, Charis, to get some stuffs. I got friendly with the owner of the shop and her friend who I met there, by the time I and Charis were about leaving, she stopped us and was like “Hi, I am Tope, I’d like to invite you to a seminar. It is just related to make up, you get your own kit, bla bla bla”. And me the ever so friendly one, was just smiling and nodding my head while she talked.

“It is holding next week wednesday at Aromire street, Adeniyi jones, Ikeja.” She continued. “Let me have your number, so I can call you to remind you and and book a sit for you.” I handed my cell phone number to her and same as Charis. I was like…”Well, we would love to attend”, and that was it. From then on, we kept wednesday of the upper week at the back of our minds.

Wednesday came finally! It’s stale gist already that I am an addict late-comer so I was supposed to be there for 10 and I started getting ready really late, I and Charis didn’t even bother eating that morning. My mother told us not to go, but as smart as we could get, we cooked up some “stuff” for her and she reluctantly agreed.

I wore my then favorite three quarter high waist jean with a chiffon poker dot top and a brown portable bag, Charis wore a peach blazer jacket and a blue jean with her not so big bag too. And hell yea! We were so feeling ourselves. Hehehe…”big girls ti de”

Okay, so I am letting this out to the whole world, because I know where I am headed in life. I want to look back and know I was made. I wasn’t born perfect, and I know I have gone through those pre-teen stages where funny and stupid things went down.

And so, we left the house in a very enthusiastic mood, but hold on, we only had N500 in our purse, not each! Just one N500 naira note, to take us to Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja, all tha way from Egbeda. We didn’t care really, or let me say we weren’t thinking ahead, we felt we would meet Ms Tope and she was going to give us transport fare back home (Oh lord..still can’t believe I thought that!) We got to the bus stop where we would take “Ikeja Along” and the conductor called it for 150 naira. Definitely we couldn’t lap and we sure couldn’t get it for less, we hopped in. And that’s N300 gone, we had N200 left.

We got to Ikeja Along, crossed over to wherever we were going to take “Keke”. We took a “Keke” to Adeniyi Jones. We then walked down to Aromire street. We got to the venue safe but kind of late. I started scanning through the crowd for Ms Tope, definitely she invited us, and you know, we thought we were going to tell her what was up about our Transport fare and everything would just go as planned.

Hmmm… 30mins into the seminar and I hadn’t yet seen Miss Tope, we tried her number and it was switched off, we decided to chat her up on whatsapp and I found out she hadn’t been online since two previous months.

Being me on a normal day, I was still so calm. Couldn’t reach Tope? That wasn’t a big deal yet…Charis wasn’t even paying attention to what they were saying during the seminar. This seminar I am writing about was a very big one, you couldn’t count the cars, talk about the dress sense? Almost eveyone was on point. Everyone Except US!!!
I bet we were the only ones who didnt have a dime to go back home. Charis the very non-chalant one just put on her sun-shades and took a nice position to sleep! So, she wore a sun-shade inside the building and she didn’t care!

At that point my phone was already dead, so, no means of calling Ms Tope anymore. It couldn’t get any worse.

Lol…can you guess what later went down?? (I am loving the suspense.)Take a wild guess..lets interact. Till next week guys.

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Those not so perfect moments we go through, makes us appreciate life more and sometimes just serves as a rib-cracking joke later on, when we go down memory lane.
  -Sharon Okhai

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