Moments With Shan

I Just Gotta Say This (2)

….by Sharon Okhai


So guys, during the week, I got private messages from friends asking me to tell them what happened next and I told them to wait for it here!
So here it is!!!

(Remember…I took a keke to adeniyi jones that cost N100…that is N200 for both of us, so basically the whole money was gone already.)

By now Charis was deeply asleep, joking prior to then that she was preparing herself for whatever was to happen to us thereafter. I started scanning the crowd for someone who would lend me a cell-phone to at least make a call, everyone was so posh and all..strictly for the seminar (this Nigerian I don’t care attitude). I  didn’t know what to do except sit and listen, and that was just what I did. Two to three hours later, the seminar was rounded up.

I woke Charis up, everyone had started filing out of the hall and so I went straight to use the ladies, brushen up my make up at least, and think for a while. By now, it was seeming like an hoax to us and we were laughing so hard.

I got back and we got out of the building and started walking down Aromire street. The streets of Ikeja can be so nice to take a walk. You know girls talk, we were talking and walking.

Though it was our first time in that area, we felt we could find our way back to Adeniyi Jones at least. By the time we got so deep into what we were saying, we found out that we had missed our way! We had walked almost 30 to 45mins already. I stood. It started dawning on me, the situation I was in. (about 10mins after we had left the building, different cars had stopped by and asked “where are you headed to?” and all that, and we declined).

So by now, having realised we took the wrong turn, we turned back in our tracks to where we came from. The sun was out..scorching!
Thank heavens, I was with my sun shades that day, that was my only saviour I tell ya! I and Charis put on our shades and continued walking. We still made the whole situation feel light by laughing about how we missed our way and as you know girls we were also “gisting”.

Hmm! had been over an hour now. We had just gotten to the outskirts of Adeniyi jones towards Ikeja Along. The sun was bearing it’s full force on us, our throats were raw, God!!!!..I was already dehydrated. Our legs were already getting dusty and most of all, I was loosing strength.

The walk wasn’t anything fun anymore. We were just starting the journey. We were both thirsty and we didn’t have a dime on us. At least Charis knew the way from there. And so the long walk started. Yes! if you were thinking something magical happened then NO. This is plain reality.

Ten minutes past Ikeja Along, and I couldn’t take it anymore. I went mute. If I was gonna get home, then I better shut up and save my strength. Thank God, Charis felt same, and we both welcomed the silence. Remember, I didn’t eat before leaving home and so my stomach was starting to churn.

And I started thinking, with my sun shades, my bag, the way I dressed, who was going to believe me if I said I was stranded? My mind was racing. I saw hawkers passing by with pure water for sale and I couldn’t even get one to quench my thirst! And then, I remembered the leper and the rich man in the bible who was begging for just a drop of water. I felt exactly the same.

We got to a point in Ikeja where just commuters bus and private cars drove through.
You don’t ever see anybody walking through, because the only bus stop around was very far off. And there I was, feeling the sting of embarassment walking through that road. I felt better knowing my shades were on, giving myself the assurance that nobody was going to recognize me.

Mummy had told me not to go and I had plunged ahead. I and Charis only talked to each other when we wanted to take turns to debate on whether that was the right way or not, after which we would continue our walk in silence. By the time we got to ‘Cement’ bus stop, down Ikeja road, I can’t even describe what I felt then. We had to stop, stop not to sit because there wasn’t a place to sit but at least to rest our legs! I don’t know how I did it, all I know is my legs were moving but the rest of my body was non responsive. Not up to five minutes spent standing there, two guys walked up to us and in my mind, I was like if this niggers don’t get the drift and walk away, I am going to flare up to level 100 of crazy! I’m super nice (you don’t need to tell me that) but even with that I got my limits. One of the two guys was like “where are you headed to?” The look I gave him was the look of “you are asking where I am headed to and you are trekking too..Brother we are in the same page you can’t help my ministry”.
I didn’t say this out though because I wasn’t ready to make any conversation whatsoever. And then, the guy’s eye strolled to my legs. Hehehe! You should have seen my damn dusty!..I looked all posh head to knee and fron there I didn’t know what went wrong. All the while my shades were on so I didn’t care!
All I could do, was patiently wait for him to get out of my face. And I said in my mind “God punish that thing that made me leave my mother’s house this morning”.
At least he wasn’t going to recognize me.

We continued our ‘waka’. On and on we walked. Knowing one day, we would get home! We got to Akowonjo area and we decided to stop at an eatery. By now we were close to the Canaan land. We walked into the eatery and I went straight to sit! Gawd!!!! how I felt, just the feeling of sitting. I had been walking for over three hours! Charis went straight to the ladies not for the sole purpose of what it’s meant for, but to wash her legs clean from the dust. The attendants were staring at us thinking probably we were gonna order. Immediately Charis came out, I stood up and left. Mission completed. From then on home was roughly an hour or less away. And we continued!

Finally, I could sight home from afar. You don’t know how I felt mehn! Incase you didn’t know, we left Ikeja around 12noon and we got close to home by 4pm.

We got home and walked up the stairs. I went straight to the kitchen. I am not a frequent water drinker but that day, I filled a full glass of water and took it all, in one gulp. All the while I sat on the kitchen floor (mom is an extremely neat woman, you could take your food into our bathroom).

My sister was the only one home with an aunt of mine and my mum too. Bibi asked “Sharon what’s going on?” And I started laughing hard trying to explain what happened, still on the floor though. And in between trying to explain, I started crying. I couldn’t stop. I don’t know how it started.
God! You brought me home at least. I walked for four good hours! I am not going to brag that I am an ‘ajebutter’ but please I am not ‘ajepako’ either! I had just walked the walk of my life. History was made.

After explaining my sister was like I should have stopped a car and I swear it didn’t occur to me. I guess because of how I dressed, I didn’t ask or think to ask for a lift (not forgetting the fact that I was ‘forming’). We girls have different degrees in ‘forming’ you know. Shout out to all of y’all. My aunt who was home also said I should have hopped into a bus and then beg someone to pay and I am like what if nobody volunteered to pay! I just felt like ” Hey y’all, let’s look at the positive side, I am home”

After tears had been shed, and much explainations had been made, my mum turned to me and said “you should have listened to me” Know what I told her? I said “mum at the end, when I am 40 and I can bring to memory these not so great, but unforgettable teaching moments, then I know have not just been existing, I have been living.

PS: I had leg aches for weeks, especially walking up and down my stairs. I was traumatized. I recently passed the building where the seminar was held at Aromire street, Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja, and I smiled. It’s been over a year and I still smile.

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Happy Belated Birthday Sharon Okhai!!! God bless your new age!!! ❤❤❤

Quote of the day:
When I am 40, and I can bring to memory these not so great, but unforgettable teaching moments, then I know have not just been existing, I have been living.
  -Sharon Okhai

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2 thoughts on “I Just Gotta Say This (2)

  1. Hi Blessing,

    No doubt you are good. Wonderful pieces you’ve been churning out on the blog. Also good to see the tweeter handle existing independently from yours.

    Am also wondering if you could start a column that serves as men’s corner….all inclusive blog. Could shed more light on it. Just a thought.

    Do have a great weekend.

    Chibuike Utaka

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