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Personality of the Week – Kelia Olughu

Ever heard of “Thoughts of a MedStudent”? Yes? No??
Meet Kelia Olughu, a final year student of College of Medicine University of Lagos (CMUL), the brain behind the brand that has gone from being just a blog, to a phenomenon! A couple of months back, these trends #mylagosexperience, #alovelikeours, took over twitter and guess what? She was behind it all. Find out more about her in this interview.

Kelia Olughu


Q: Who is Kelia Olughu?
A: I am a student of Medicine and Surgery at the University of Lagos. I am a fiction writer and blogger.

Q: Why did you start ‘Thoughts of a Medstudent’? Was it out of boredom or was it one of those “eureka” moments?
A: I was bored. I needed to find some good and fun in medical school, so I began to write about the good I found.

Q: How has the journey been so far, especially combining blogging with medical school?
A: Blogging and School are two things I have learnt to stay committed to. Sometimes I get drowned with work in school, and I let my blog suffer, but I am learning persistence and time planning and that helps a lot.

Q: Tell me about being a medical student?
A: Being a medical student is….well, what it should be – stressful, fun, lots to read, and at times fulfilling. Everyone changes here, they mature!

Q: What is ‘Thoughts of a Medstudent’ about?
A: Thoughts of a Medstudent is a personal and literary blog. It aims at sharing my sincere thoughts as well as poems, fiction and non-fiction stories.

Q: You have been able to make ‘Thoughts of a Medstudent’ into a brand, especially in CMUL, tell me, what steps would you say you took that made this possible?
A: Okay! I think I have stayed committed to the blog and I have been persistent. I have also learnt to interact with other people and learnt new ways to improve. I am always trying to ensure that the blog portrays my true sincere self and also have an impact on my readers.

Q: After Medical school, what happens to ‘Thoughts of a Medstudent’?
A: I have thought about it, but I am waiting to cross that bridge first. I am thinking I might get to change name though. But until then!

Q: Nowadays, there are so many bloggers….how do you try to stand out?
A: My blog is continually evolving, I think everday it is getting better.
Before any post goes up, I ask myself ‘Would I enjoy reading this on another blog?’ if the answer is ‘Yes’ up it goes.
My competition is myself. I need to  see that I have improved and defined my aim better every year.

Q: What is your idea of perfect happiness?
A: There is no PERFECT happiness!

Q: What do you hope to have achieved by the end of the year?
A: With the blog, I hope to achieve at least two posts every month in the year and write and share more of my literary work.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
A: I’m taking it one year at a time.

Q: What trait do you most deplore in yourself?
A: I do terribly interacting with new people – so I avoid situations where that happen.

Q: What won’t you be caught dead doing?
A: I really can’t think of anything right now.

Q: What are your hobbies?
A: Hobbies….errr….reading literary magazines and short stories,  sewing, crocheting, internet surfing and planning trips!

Q: Present state of mind?
A: I am currently happy and not worried!

Q: What do you consider the most overrated virtue?
A: I am yet to consider any virtue overrated.

Q: There must be times when you get tired and feel like leaving everything… do you handle those moments?
A: Yes! Yes! Of course there are times when I get tired, times when I am completely uninspired to write anything. I take a break!  Sometimes the break is for a brief period, sometimes it is longer.

Q: Every February you run a series on your blog that relates to love….what initiated this?
A: The February Series was inspired by a bbm series where my sister tried to find ways people had shown her love or she showed love to others, she called it “What is Love?”  Although she used a few lines to express herself every day, I began to think that what if other people could do the same on my platform. And that was how it began.


Q: What do you consider your greatest achievement so far?
A: I really don’t know what my greatest achievement is yet! I think all that I am is great, I hope to be greater, but one achievement as greatest, I am still to find that one, guess I never will.

Q: It is no news that most youngsters nowadays have a lot of creativity within them….but most are usually afraid to start something. What advice would you give to these category of people?
A: When I started, I neither thought I would come this far nor stay this long. Actually I kind of expected to have failed, given up by now. But the thing I didn’t realize is ‘When you eventually do start, it is hard to stop!’

Q: Thank you for coming on the blog, Kelia.
A: Thank you too for the opportunity.


P.S: You can follow on Twitter and IG @medztots

Quote of the day:
The superior man is modest in his speech, but exceeds in his actions.
  – Confucius

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