Fashion & Lifestyle

I Want To Live

….by Elsie Ogianyo


I suddenly feel like living,
I can’t say I’ve really lived,
No, I have not really lived…
Never taken a walk on the beach alone,
Never laid on the sand and watched the sun set,
Never gone to exotic places nor had the opportunity to behold other cultures,
Never taken a dive in clear, warm waters,
Never had the opportunity to behold nature in its full form,
Too busy visualizing these things to actually act it out,
Life catches up on you so fast and you never actually realize how now becomes a moment ago, a moment ago becomes days ago and days ago becomes years ago.
And suddenly we are old and grey,
Stuck in a reclusive world of wishful thinking,
With no memories of a life truly lived.
NO…I don’t want to be that person, who just fits into a nondescript existence,
A monotonous life.
I want to live,
Don’t you?
So what do you say? Let’s carpe the hell outta this diem!

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