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Outfit Ideas For White Jeans

….by Elsie Ogianyo

Hey hey! Today we are talking white! Yup! How to look stylish and chic in that white jean/pants/leggings. I know many people like to avoid wearing white trousers/jeans becaue it will mean you being extra careful about where you sit etc. stress!  Pfft! But for when you do, I hope you find these styling tips helpful!

-A bright colourful top; will turn the outfit into something eye-catching, matched with the right pair of shoes to complement;




-A flannel shirt;


-A blazer on a colorful inner shirt or vest;



-All white everything! (You really can’t go wrong with this);


-A crop top.



And of course it is essential to throw on a simple necklace or hand jewelry as it suits your outfit!



Stay stylish!!!

P.S: Pictures are not ours unless stated!

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