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Personality Of The Week- Dr. Nnenna Ochiche

Dr. Nnenna Ochiche

Author of “Adaeze the true princess”, she tells us about her passion for children, and how she combines being a medical doctor with being a mother, wife and writer.

Q: Let’s meet you ma.
A: My name is Dr. Nnenna Ochiche. I am have practiced medicine in Nigeria for 10 years and am currently pursuing a specialty training in public health. I am married to an engineer and we have 3 children, 2 boys and a daughter.

Q: You wrote the book, Adaeze the true princess, what was the inspiration behind the book?
A: The inspiration behind my book was the desire to motivate children to reach within them and aim for character as against mere popularity.


Q: You also own a blog. Tell us about it.
A: I own a blog called Dr. N’s musings and it’s all about the lessons I draw from my experiences as a doctor in Nigeria. There’s also a bit of fiction.

Q: Has writing always been a passion for you?
A: Yes, writing has been a passion from childhood. I wanted to control or change the outcome of the stories I read. That is why I wrote.

Q: Why medicine?
A: Funny enough, I chose to study medicine to compete with my dad. He is a doctor and as a child he regaled me with stories of his adventures in the hospital. I determined to be like him so we could relate on the same plane.

Q: Tell us a little about “Adaeze the true princess”
A: “Adaeze the true princess” is my first book. It is about a selfish and indulged 8 year old girl who thinks being a princess means she can get away with anything. She learns otherwise when circumstances change in her life and she has to live with a strict aunt.

Q: The main audience for this book seems to be kids. Do you have a passion for children. And if so, how did this passion spring up.
A: I do have a passion for kids but writing this book was a challenge I gave myself. Previously I only wrote for adults. The great thing is it made the final cut for the NLNG prize for literature and I got invited to a master class. There I learned so much about writing and made lots of writer friends. Sometimes, risks pay off.


Q: How do you combine being a medical doctor with being a mother, wife and writer?
A: It is very easy to combine being a wife, a mother and a doctor. I am only one thing at a time. When the kids need me, every other thing waits. Likewise, before I go to work, I make sure I have covered every area that is likely to be a distraction. That is my own formula.

Q: Most writers sometimes go through what is termed “a writer’s block”. Have you ever been affected by this. And how do you cope with it.
A: I don’t fret about writer’s block. I simply read, pray, get out of my way to attempt an unusual activity or browse the internet. Shortly, ideas fill my head. Writing on a blog helps because I use comments as ideas too.

Q: What are your greatest fears?
A: I have no fears. That may sound impossible but there is nothing that could happen to me that I couldn’t handle. I believe my relationship with God is a covenant. He takes it very seriously.

Q: What has been the happiest moment of your life.
A: My wedding day has to be the happiest day of my life.

Q: At the end of the year, what do you hope to have achieved?
A: By the end of this year, I hope to have attained national recognition for my book and sales running into millions.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 5years?
A: In 5 years, I will be a specialist in public health, an award winning author and have set up my NGO to focus on providing education and basic sanitation for the slum dwellers in urban cities. I really hate to see adults who cannot read and driving past children defeacating openly has got to be the worst thing ever.

Q: What is your greatest achievement so far?
A: My greatest achievement would be my children. They are a wonderful gift but I will take some of the credit for their academic success (all the home coaching was unpaid for. lol)

Q: What do you consider the most overrated virtue.
A: If it is a virtue, how can it be overrated?

Q: What is your most treasured possession?
A: My most treasured possession is salvation. I don’t know how I would survive without the hope of heaven.

Q: It was really nice having you on the blog.
A: Thanks for having me. Cheers

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