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Money Is Everything But Happiness

….written by Ekpemandu Prince for


“For what’s money without happiness or hard things without the people you love?” -J.Cole

Forest Hills Drive—one of my favorite albums of 2014. I actually bought that album and it was worth every dime I spent. Those words coming from a man who was at the peak of his career, I think we should let them sink in deeply.

It is always a fierce debate when people talk about money and happiness, especially when they try to link both things together. You hear things like, “money cannot make you happy,” or “If money cannot make you happy, being broke won’t make you feel any better.”
I have seen people win fights/arguments with the simple line, “I’m rich and you’re not.” And to be very honest I find this very comical, but true. This is what is obtainable in a society driven by materialism.

I knew of a fine young man who was in relationship with a certain young lady. (Then) this man was going through some hardship and at that point someone wanted to marry his girlfriend. The young lady was dicey about the whole thing. In fact she was under pressure at home, and she needed to make a decision fast—either stick with her boyfriend or marry the man who seemed to be doing very well (actually I knew all the parties involved, because we all worshiped in the same church). Unfortunately for the young man, she went ahead to marry the other man even after he pleaded that she should be patient with him. But I would see this lady in church every Sunday looking gloomy, most times keeping to herself, and I kept wondering, “aren’t you comfortable now? Why the long face all the time?” Probably she thought he (the former guy) had little or nothing to offer (I hear a lot of ladies say this these days), but that same guy who seemed not so promising got a good job the following year. This is not always the case but still people make decisions based on assumptions that money would alleviate most of their problems.

So the question now is: can you be broke and happy? If you ask me I strongly believe you can. When Mandela was about to get married to Winnie, he had no money (they had to live on Winnie’s income); he was in the process of closing down his law firm; and he was on trial. He wasn’t only broke, he was in trouble with the government, but despite all that he had the time to fall in love, and marry! Please I’ve never had heard of an unhappy troubled man wanting to tie the knot . This shows that indeed you can find solace with little or nothing.

I know some of you guys are like, “Come on Nonso you are an Igbo man, you can’t really mean this.” For those of you who don’t know, the Igbo people are famous for their love for money. And frankly my Igbo genes are not suppressed. If someone offers me a million dollars right now, I  won’t say; “oh no…please I don’t like money”,  God forbid bad thing!

Money is not the problem, until you make it the sole reason for your existence; when you place it above your family, friends, and even yourself. For example, you have people in public offices looting so much money you can’t even fathom how they can possibly make use of everything. And it’s not only in politics. Everyone wants the fast money, the fast cars because that’s what the media has forced us to believe—that people who have all these things are happy and wanted and admired. The truth be told, money has never made an extraordinary man/woman, it’s the reverse—extraordinary men make money.

Lastly, the basic assumption that having a lot of money is equal to  being happy is vague. There is never going to be a period in your life where all your problems will disappear; where you have nothing to worry or complain about. There is never going to be a boyfriend/girlfriend who won’t give you headache; or a husband/wife who won’t make mistakes. There is never going to be a period when challenges won’t come your way. There is never a happy ever after for anybody. Does that mean you would be miserable? NO. 

True happiness begins when you can look at yourself irrespective of the condition and appreciate your life.

Quote of the day:
For what’s money without happiness, or, hard things without the people you love?

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