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ChiomaBuchi2016 – My Wedding Story

….by Mrs Chioma Ubah


I always bless God’s name for the union of Ifunanya and Chijoke because it was at their wedding I met my God-sent.

I was with my Aunty, her husband and my dad when he came around to greet because he knew them and in the process he said hi to me while my Aunty introduced him to me.
He decided to seat next to me and we had a little random chat where he got to collect my number.
He left the wedding before us because he had somewhere else to be, but when we finally got home he called me and from there we started getting along, before we knew it we were totally into each other. I knew I had turned so many guys down but this my husband was just my God-sent.

   Undoubtedly, he filled my heart with so much joy when he proposed to me but I didn’t know there was a battle in front waiting for us. Yes! Battle! And it happened that my dad was totally against me getting married. My heart became so heavy at that point but I knew my God is a merciful father so I prayed, fasted and trusted in him and  in due time he agreed to us getting married.

   However, now that we had the approval to get married the next hurdle was to plan the wedding. All the Ibo rites were done appropriately and we where left with the court, traditional and white wedding. We started preparing, my loving husband from where he was put so much effort, his sibling his brothers wife’s they all played a very big role to see the success of the wedding, God bless them all for me and God being faithful, he totally saw us through, my mum was always there to run around with me especially when I had to get my wedding accessories, she is totally an angel.

   Finally, we had the court wedding and  the big day which was 30th of March came around.
We had both the traditional and white wedding on the same day and I bet you, it was a splendid one, the wedding came out really nice and my friends were all there for me, even the ones that where not able to make it to the venue, they still tried to be there for me in there little way, a living example is Iyama and the rest of them.




I give God the Glory for a successful wedding.
And now, I am on my honey moon in Calabar with my God-sent baby love!!
Thank you Lord.

Quote of the day:
Yesterday is but today’s memory, tomorrow is today’s dream.
– Kahlil Gibran

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