Book Review

Four Blind Mice by James Patterson

Four blind mice is one of James Patterson’s series about Detective and Forensic Psychologist Alex Cross.

Four Blind Mice by James Patterson

In this book, Detective Alex Cross is about to resign from the D.C. police force when his friend John Sampson presents him with a case he can’t refuse.
John Sampson’s friend, Sergeant Ellis Cooper has just been acused of murder by the United States Army. With Sergeant Ellis Cooper now on death row, Alex Cross and John Sampson have to figure out who committed the offence he has just been framed for and why.

The suspense this book brings to the table is mind blowing as one keeps wondering who the real killers are and why they keep committing such gruesome murders. The book is very graphic, and the description of the murders would leave your mouth agape. We are made to know three of the killers soon enough, and left to figure out who the head (the fourth person) is; a revelation which only comes at the very end.

I particularly loved the storyline, and there was no part of the book that dragged. I would recommend this book for anybody who is a lover of thriller fiction.

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