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My Brand Story – Mahanaim Shoes


Mahanaim Shoes

Q: Lets meet you (your real names, background etc)?
A: My names is Oluwaseun Sunday Shonaike, I am from Ogun State, and also, a graduate of The University of Nigeria Nsukka.  

Q: How and why did you start making shoes?
A: I have been in the shoe business since 2006, but before then, I had learnt how to make shoes immediately I finished my secondary school education in 2004. While my friends were seeking for admission into higher institutions, I already made up my mind to learn a trade. My mother noticed I like do hand-works so she advised  me to go learn how to make shoes, I am so happy that I did not ignore her advise, let me let you know that it was the shoe making business I used to send myself to the university and it also brings good food to my table smiles!….

Q: Was it something that started out of passion for it or out of neccessity?
A: I started shoe making business out of necessity because I never came out from a wealthy home, as a mater of fact I was brought up by my mother with the grace of God because things were really tough then, so I had already made up my mind that my children will not go through the hard times I went through, so I had to start planing the kind of life I wanted to live and with the help of God, things gradually became better through my shoe making business and I became a graduate . 

Q: How far has Mahanaim Shoes come…when did u start?
A: Mahanaim Shoes with the help of God as gone a bit far, at least people make orders for Mahanaim Shoes from outside the country, Saudi Arabia, United kingdom, America, some parts of Africa ‎and accross the country in Nigeria. One the major thing that keeps Mahanaim Shoes is that we make sure we don’t dissapoint with the days of delivery, we always look out for the smiles of our customers before and after making any deal with them. Though, I still will not relent in getting better, our vision is to have at least a person using Mahanaim Shoe in a family all over the world, by the grace of God it will come through.

Q: What is the vision for the company…like where do you see the company in 5years?
A: In the next 5 years Mahanaim Shoes should at least be able to raise 1000 shoe makers who can make quality shoes that can compete with any shoe in the world ‎.

Q: What are types of shoes do you mainly specialize in?
A: At Mahanaim Shoes, we make shoes for men that fit any occasion. We give you the look you desire, with our varieties which cut across board such as casual corporate, sandals and easy to wear leather palm slippers.



Q: What were the challenges you encountered when you started?
A: One of the greatest challenge we had was discrimination; that is people tend to look down on what kind of shoes we are capable of doing until they saw our shoes.
Q: How do you cope with your competitors?
A: One thing I have discovered is that good and quality things will speak for itself, and again, I don’t joke with the delivery date. I agree with my clients, I notice artisans lacks integrity and they disappoint a lot and also they feel if they use qaulity materials for a customer, he or she may not come back to make another one in a very long time, but this is what I am sure of even if the person does not come back to make another he or she will tell another that will tell another and that is how I see my customers and I don’t have to compete with anyone to see my happy customers cause we always look out for their smiles when they make deals with us.  

Q: What keeps you going as a business owner?
A: One thing that has been helping me as a business owner is that I pay the tithe of every deal I make not the the tithe of my gain, because I am a strong believer of God’s word and I make sure I make savings of every deal I make even if it’s not much, I try to save a little, I pay my self salary too some times.

Q: What are your fears in business?
A: Do I really have fears? N‎o! Because I believe once you see yourself as an achiever in what you do, not for pride or fame, but for adding value, then nothing can hold you bound, and I never relent at my best, cause I know there is more to achieve. No fears!

Q: What do you think about youths and the seeming lack of staying power with small businesses ?
A: With youths that are rising and falling in business, what I think is they need to check out for what the drive behind the business they do is, I believe this will guide them on how to make their  business grow and they should always be informed on what is the latest in what they do as a business ‎.

Q: How can we contact you?
A: Instagram page: mahanaimshoes,
Twitter: @mahanaimshoes, Facebook Page:,
Email:, Whatsapp: 07089069390,
Call line: 09053866608

Q: What advice do you have for people who want to start up but are scared of failing?
A: People out there should never wait for any government to‎ decide what their future will look like, never look down on any idea and just keep trying it until it works out. Thanks and God bless you and me, God bless Nigeria!


Quote of the day:
Excellence is the unlimited ability to improve the quality of what you have to offer.
– Rick Pitino

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