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Kate Hudson Glamorous On-Point Eye Makeup Secret

….by Jennifer Kurtz


There’s no question that Kate Hudson is one of the most glamorous and drop-dead gorgeous actresses of Hollywood. She’s part of an industry that is obsessed with beauty and the right fashion sense and Hudson is well armed in this arena. She has made stunning Golden globe appearances, set fireworks on her way through the red carpet and looks like a diva in her naked face.
Hudson is not just any pretty face who knows how to play her beauty cards right but she is someone who stuns through her personality that peeks through her makeup, something most of the actresses still struggle with. From the shiny blonde hair to that slim nose, every feature tends to add another gold star to her beauty but it’s her sparkling green eyes that have caught our attention.

According to our sources, Hudson likes to keep things simple. She doesn’t have a glam team following her around everywhere and despite her crazy busy schedule she manages to take care of her appearance like a pro! Here’s the proof of how smartly she does it.



Eye Makeup Tricks

The Color wheel Trick:
When Hudson is not delivering a dialogue she likes to pick up the brush and play! She has the most stunning green eyes and she likes playing up her green eyes with shades of purple and lavender. If you check the color wheel, purple lies on the opposite side of green. Now that’s SMART! Many makeup artists swear by this tip when giving a makeover to any celebrity.

Natural Eyebrows:
Hudson is a big fan of less is more when it comes to her eye makeup (unlike the Kardashians) and same goes for her eyebrows. She is naturally blessed with well-shaped eyebrows hence she doesn’t have to work much on them. All that her well groomed brows need is a layer of color to fill in the gaps and a layer of brow gel to keep the hairs in place. Her brow philosophy insists on “lining rather than sketching”.

Shimmery eye shades:
Though we have spotted Hudson with a matte eye but she likes to add shimmery eye shades to make her small eyes POP. One of the MUA who has worked with her in the past have added shimmery eyeshades on her upper and lower waterline to give those green eyes an extra twinkle.

Cat Eye:
Hudson is on the cat eye bandwagon like most of us and she likes her flicks crisp and defined when she likes getting a little wild with her cat eye makeup and her daily eyeliner stencil. In order to further enhance her almond shape eyes she likes to precisely line the upper and water line with black eye liner and then while going around the tear ducts she makes a feline flick that droops down and keeps her wing slightly upright giving more definition to the shape.

Voluminous Lashes:
Hudson is a big fan of lengthened and fluttery lashes. When she’s on the go, she likes to dab a little mascara and dash but for a formal evening out, she likes to AMP up her lash game. She like plopping on corner lashes and pumps up the volume by applying generous coats of mascara.
Her glam squad has reported that Hudson is a bubbly, high spirited and a fun loving girl. There are days when she is quick with her smokey eye makeup, a BB cream, a nude gloss and a layer of mascara but even then her mascara is the most important thing to her that takes up majority of those two minutes she spends on her makeup.
On the contrary the days when she likes experimenting with her eye makeup, she loves playing around with colors and shades to add a zing to her look in as a minimal way as possible.
She is definitely not someone who splurges on makeup but she takes a keen interest in what goes on her eyes.

Smudged Kohl Eyes:
We have seen Hudson rocked lightly kohled eyes on many occasions. The makeup artists like to layer upper and lower waterlines with a black kohl pencil. After that her upper and lower lash lines are also roughly lined with the same pencil and with the help of a smudge brush the lines are smudged to get rid of any harsh edges. The smokiness works well with the green in her eyes. Secondly one of her secrets with kohled eyes is that she doesn’t like to drag her kohl pencil only on three-fourth of her upper lash line as moves from the inner corner to the outer corner. She likes focusing more color on the outer edge to give the illusion of a bigger eye.
Looks like Hudson is quite an Intel herself!

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