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Your Children – Your Most Important Treasure

…..Written by Tolu Adesanya


You hide your jewelry and your money, you protect your cars from rain and extreme weather with car covers, you protect your designer shoes and bags from dust, you keep your designer clothes in a locked wardrobe, even store your suits in suit bag, you use quality creams for your hair, you treat your human hair weaves, you have screen guard and cases for your phones, you protect your currency in a wallet, lock your rooms away from housemaids AND YET you refuse to protect the biggest treasure you have. YOUR CHILD!!!!!

In 2015, in our own dear Nigeria, a newly hired maid kidnapped four children and demanded a ransom from the parents;

In 2014, a Kenyan maid was caught beating a toddler mercilessly to near death;

In 2012, a maid was caught on camera raping a one-year-old boy, stifling his cries of pain with a pillow;

Same year in Saudi Arabia, a mother of three returned home with her two children to see her youngest daughter lying in a pool of blood. Her head had been cut off;

Another footage emerged of a maid beating and torturing a six-month-old baby without mercy in front of his other siblings;

In 2009, a maid was filmed by security cameras beating a child to such an extent that the boy suffered severe fractures;

I have watched with disbelief during the early morning rush hour as primary school children are left to cross busy roads alone.
I have held my breath many a time as a lone child dangerously crosses a busy street risking his life.
Some adults are not even able to cross these busy roads. Where are the parents?
Parents send their drivers unaccompanied to go and pick up their children from school etc.

Do these parents interact with their kids at any time?  
Do they know what their likes and dislikes are?  
Do they know the names of their friends?  
Do they know which subjects they like, which ones gives them grief and which teacher is the favourite? 

I remember when my little niece started talking, she constantly twisted her letters and replaced the L with R and vice versa. I gently nudged my sister and told her that she should listen to the maid speak and take it up from there.

Parents please check every nook and cranny of the school you wish to put your kids in, ask about the reputation of the school, the teachers, the security measures they have, their policies concerning someone other than the parents dropping and picking up a child, ask the principal loads of questions, look at their facilities and services.
There have been cases of minor accidents involving a child slipping and falling into the school drum full of water.
Please why should a man be left alone to teach and care for nursery school kids? Sometime ago, reports surfaced that a nursery school female teacher assaulted the little girls in their vaginas with a white handkerchief, possibly for diabolical reasons. SCARY!!!!

A responsible parent’s goals include providing protection and safety, nutritious food, clothing and shelter for their children. Warning them against dangerous circumstances, teaching important life skills and promoting education are also important parenting responsibilities. A good parent isn’t overly protective or paranoid in shielding a child from all of life’s misfortunes, but he does protect her from danger and helps her recover from disappointments and failure.

Please do not abdicate your responsibilities to the school teachers, sunday school teachers or “Ile Kewu” teachers, church/ mosque, relatives, grandparents etc.

Yes, it is God that protects but we must play our part and be wise. Please don’t leave your precious children in the hands of wolves in sheep clothing.

For starters, you can politely ask neighbours to help check on the maid frequently, some children have been given valium to sleep for hours so the maid can steal or bring in robbers or continue her romantic affairs. 
Keep in touch with your child or children, note your child’s behaviour, if he/she is particularly cranky or uncomfortable or sluggish. As much as kids are playful and cheerful, be wary when your child just sits dully or moody.
Check the maid’s background. This cannot be over-emphasized. If you can, know her family house in the village or the first place she would go to if she runs away. Note how she scans the environment, how she walks in the market, on the road, how fast she can scan an area and make a quick getaway. If you send her to the market note the average time she takes to get back home.
Educate maids on basics such as memorizing your phone numbers, the emergency numbers of the police, fire service, your immediate family’s phone numbers, also handy if one has a police officer’s phone number personally.

It is the people that we trust that can turn around and abuse our children. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Your kids need attention…from you.

Any tips and suggestions from new parents or experienced parents and grandparents would be very helpful.

PhotoCredit: IG @_blackstage_

Tolu Adesanya, CEO TNT Heels sent in this article through tntheels@gmail.com

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– Epictetus

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