Moments With Shan

I Am Back!!!

….Written by Sharon Okhai


Hey!!!!!!…Err..Hi..Hello I’m Sharon..I host a weekly column ‘Moments With Shan’, which you are most definitely reading through right now.

Okay I think that would do for some of y’all who feel I have been gone so long and have virtually forgotten about you. I am freaking back….For Goooood!!!
My fingers are itching to write and write and write and write!

You know that feeling of waking up in the morning to no worries?? It happens once in a “purple” moon. You don’t care about traffic you are going to meet on your way to work or even about what outfit to put on that would just fit in well without much struggle, or the thought of an exam that can possibly turn your world around..You know when you feel none of that, it is just exhilarating..ecstatic!!!

I’m writing for the first time after my unofficial break off the blog A weight of two years has just been lifted off my shoulders. During the days of that break, I tried writing in despite some inconveniences but I could not. I had lost my Muse! I was almost sinking into depression. I’m not the kind to worry, rather, I put off some situations till when my heart can deal with it.
This issue has been my number one priority since like forever. I’m a smiling teenage girl who just recently got legal. You take a glimpse at me and feel I have no worries. We all have worries, small to you, great to another. Kanye is probably worried about how less of a rag his clothe should look…no matter how silly, we all got worries.

What’s been up with me? I’m currently taking a six month course in photojournalism. (Pictures to be exact have always been my thang). Well, I probably would be getting my first novel of the year soon, it’s been so long I read one. I can watch movies for long hours now, I feel light, my thoughts are light. I am a free person.

Face that worry! 6 carry over courses??(What the hell is wrong with you?? ). Don’t worry, sit down and think! Cry if you have to. Be cautious of the aura you give out of you until you know that you’re that strong enough to deal with whatever.

I can like to go on and on but that would make me look like a motivational speaker which I totally think ain’t a cool shade for a girl like me. But anyways, I am back with my cliche phrase…

P.S: This article was written three weeks ago. I have rounded up my photojournalism course and I got to do, something I have always wanted to. Would tell you all about it nextweek. ♣♣♣

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