What Could Have Been

…by Seun Lari Williams

Seun Lari Williams

The process was as fast,
As an antelope,
And I was ready with my,
Clear envelope,
But within five minutes,
I already lost hope,
And I knew I didn’t,
Have the antidote.

It was either by tribe,
Or by giving a bribe,
I didn’t “belong”,
So I didn’t qualify,
It didn’t even matter,
That I did well in the test,
In their eyes,
I was an uninvited guest.

By now, I could have been,
A pride to this nation,
But I’ve been rejected,
By tribalism and corruption,
And other bad “isms”,
And evil “tions”,
I am left with poetry,
And imagination.

We could have been,
A pride to this nation,
We wouldn’t have been,
Reduced to this screaming nation,
Screaming the pains,
Of discrimination,
Pains that follow,
Our many abominations.

We could have been,
More than an imagination,
A developed nation,
Not an emerging nation,
We could have been alive,
Afire, burning with elation,
Instead, we birthed,
The worst form of abortion.

I could have been,
You could have been,
We could have been,
Imagine what could have been,
Imagine if it didn’t matter,
Where I came from,
Imagine if all that mattered,
Was that I’m from God.

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