Moments With Shan

I’m Red!!!

…..written by Sharon Okhai


I like ‘ME’ for one consistent thing. Ask me what. What? Yeah…I’m one helluva inconsistent girl. I’m just so good at telling myself the truth. Break a Sweat; Crack a Smile; Hit the wall; I don’t care!

That brings me to apologising for been so inconsistent on the blog and yes, for Bibi’s understanding too. (We all do need a Boss like her).

During the week I met a girl who introduced herself to me by saying “Hi, I’m Anna a.k.a Red” And I was like “Hmm..why red?” She said “Red is a colour that speaks fire and I speak fire in everything I do”. I smiled because if I want to attribute a little of me to any colour it’d be red. Let’s discuss why.

Red is the colour of fire and blood, so it’s associated with energy,  war, danger, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love. Red is a very emotionally intense colour.

Definitely we all do feel one or all of the above mentioned.

Energy? I may not have so much of this (doesn’t mean I am but I can be another version of a ‘Bruce Lee’ when I want to. Just let me understand it is worth it. I try never to waste my time.

War? It doesn’t have to be the kind of war with Guns and Bullets but that kind of war you feel within yourself, when you’re probably trying to fight a bad habit (I for one is still struggling with my habit of procrastinating). It’d take a while but I’m almost there.

Danger? I’m Fearless. The fact that I hate worry leaves me fearless. When you get to think and worry about something so much, you sure get to feel some sense of fear from that issue that made you worry so. Why worry? It’s still a wonder to me. You can’t hide worry. I get to see you and I know you’re worried about something, I could run away from you.

Strength? I’m referring to our inner strength. “Sticks and stones may break my bones” but not can’t break me with words? Hell no!

Power? We all want power. I just want money. What? Don’t you too? Don’t lie to me.

“Determination as well as passion” …I feel these two have put a ring on it. My passion calls for determination. (Let me brag a bit) Sometimes My Palms Out, I Wanna Beg For Luck But I’m Way Too Proud, Never Giving Up. Do it yourself.
The only thing I think I was ever cool with anybody doing for me were my assignments. Having said that, I prefer to say My BIG papa up there and ‘I’ did it.

When you get to the point of writing your autobiography with a lot of ‘I’ in it that’s when you know you’ve lived your life with a high self-esteem of yourself. Honey, that’s not pride.

Desire and love. Err…We’ve loved..we’ve lost..we’ve all loved again. We’ve felt desire…whatever that word says to you, lol, I don’t know. I really don’t want to delve into that. Love? Such a broad never-ending topic. (Don’t start cause I could yawn)

…Red is a very emotionally intense colour. To me as a person, Red is deep. I feel Deep. I’m Red. What colour are you??…. Don’t tell me White…you ain’t no saint!

     And yes!!!! I’m back with my cliche phrase again..STAY POSITIVE✔✔.Till next week guys (YOU BET.)

Sharon just got a job as a radio presenter at BCP radio hence the long absence.  Say Congrats to Sharon!!!

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