Fiction Series

The Secret Life Of A Naija Runs Girl (1)


The cold weather made me shiver. I took slow but alert steps to the junction. It was 12 midnight, and I was going to meet a client; a stupid client that constantly disturbed my sleep with nagging phone calls.

My taxi guy drove. “Aunty where we dey go?” “Golden Tulipe Hotel,” I replied. We drove in silence as we always did. I swallowed a pill just in case the man had enough money to pay for “Raw”. I also checked for my condom, lubricant, porn videos (all my working equipments) just to be sure they were intact because I had packed with sleepy eyes.
My phone rang, it was the man again, he had called three times now – the thing really hold am. “I am already close,” I told him. I could imagine what he looked like, a big-bellied, hairy, 50 something year old man with brown teeth – most of my clients fit that description. I didn’t know the man, it was Kelechi, my friend, that gave him my number (I always replaced her when she wasn’t around).

Something was itching me between my legs and my hand found its way down to my pus*y. I scratched it and a bout of pleasure filled my body then it turned sore as I continued scratching. My pus*y had been itching me since I slept with one of my Hausa clients who paid for “Raw”. The man gave me an STD, even though I was taking drugs, my pus*y still itched. That Hausa man was complete bad market and I made a promise never to sleep with an Hausa man without using a condom ever again.

We drove into Golden Tulipe and I said a quick prayer that the man would drop well because the last business I went for didn’t pay well. The man said my pus*y smelt like spoilt fish, so he gave me 5k and almost beat me up when I tried to jack him for the rest of my money. The receptionist was sleeping over the counter, I didn’t bother to disturb the poor girl, so I climbed upstairs. He opened the door. I was right about the big belly, hairy, 50 something year old, but this one had white teeth.

He offered me Hennessy and I gleefully accepted. I had to be intoxicated to sleep with the man, he was so ugly. In a few minutes we started business, first I had to strip-dance for him, give him BJ, then have sex. His bill was 35,000 naira. Sex – 20k, BJ – 10k, Strip-dance – 5k. He nodded, unlike some useless clients I used to have once in a while, he didn’t price.

I woke up the next morning with a slight headache, last night was like a fog in my mind, the details were scattered in bits and I realised I was alone in the hotel and the “50 something year old man” was nowhere to be found. I jumped out of the bed anxiously. I checked the wardrobe and nothing was there, he had left. My handbag was no were to be found, my phones, and everything I came with was gone. Anger seared through my veins. I had been robbed. He drugged me and raped me, then he robbed me. I crashed on the hotel bed and buried my head in the pillow. What kind of bad luck was after me? After two years in the business I still ate from hand to mouth. It was that day I really understood the meaning of “Ashawo no be work,” after trekking for 30 minutes to my house.

That day I decided no more “Osho free,” nothing like that would ever happen again to me and I knew the right person to ask for help. So I had my bath and left for Nneka’s house. Nneka was a big girl who drove three cars, as I stepped into her house I was filled with self disgust. See my fellow girl’s house, she had a gate-man, a chef and a house-girl and to think that we started together in that cramped apartment where I still live was heartbreaking.

“Belinda!!!” Nneka screamed from the verandah of her duplex. “Neky baby,” I hailed back. She ushered me into her well furnished air conditioned sitting room. She offered me Hennessy and the events of last night crawled in my mind like a tiny poisonous snake. A tear escaped my eyes as I narrated my story to her. “I am sorry Bel Bel” she said. She went upstairs and brought a bundle of 1,000 naira bills and handed it to me. “Nneky, I don’t want fish, I want you to teach me how to fish” I told her. She stared at me for some minutes before she said. “I will tell you all these only because we started together from the scratch, and you are my Paddy.” She swore me into secrecy before telling about Baba Owo, her juju man. She said he gave her powers, different powers, first a power that can detect if a man has money to spend, another power that would make a man do anything you want him to do.

All the while, my mouth was open in shock. I was short of words. “So are you ready?” she asked, and I nodded. “But there is a price,” she told me. “What is the price?” I asked. She didn’t tell me. She asked me to come back after my menstrual period with two pads soaked with my menstrual blood. I was skeptical for some minutes, but I was desperate. It was as if my period pitied my frustrated life, two days after the visit, it pumped out. In three days I had two fully blood-soaked pads….

…To be continued next week!!! Do stick around.

*Photos are not ours, unless stated.

This story was culled from The Bug Magazine.

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