My Brand Story

My Brand Story- Beambs Event Services

Baking has always been her passion and she has carved a niche out of it for herself by delving into the business of rendering event services. She is the CEO Beambs food and event services.



Let’s meet you(your real names, background etc):

My name is Amoloja-olabiyisi Jadesola. I’m from Oyo state in Nigeria but I live in Lagos. I graduated from LAUTECH in ogbomoso, Oyo state and I am currently serving in Ogun state.

How and why did you start catering? Was it something that started out of passion for it or out of neccessity?

I started baking since I was in secondary school but I started professionally in 2012. I would say I started out of passion because this is something I have always wanted to do since I was in secondary school.

How far has Beambs food and event services come?

It’s been great so far.  I have enjoyed every bit of it because it has given me a chance to express myself and also given me a chance to do what I love doing.  Beambs Events services isn’t where I want it to be but it isn’t where I started from.
It is not where I want it to be yet but it has kept growing.



Would you say you have come this far because of the economic situation of the country or inspite of the economic situation?

It has been by God’s grace inspite of the economic situation.

What is the vision for the company…like where do you see the company in 5years?

I see it as one of the most thriving event companies in Nigeria. And by God’s grace I’d have touched a lot of lives through empowerment programs.

Asides catering, what other event services do you render?

Event planning and packaging, sales of cake tools and accessories, event decorations and training also.

How do you cope with your competitors?

The event industry is constantly growing and changing. You need to be on top of your game every time. I am my only competition. The only person I want to be better than is who I was yesterday. Though, I have role models in the industry I want to be like, I feel the sky is big enough for everyone one to fly.

What are the challenges you encountered when you started your business?

The first challenge is getting acceptance from people.  Most people usually want to see a catalogue of previous works before trusting you with their jobs. So, if you’re new it might be difficult convincing people. Then finances also, you need money to start any business.

What keeps you going as a business owner?

God’s grace and passion! There are days as a business owner that you’d want to quit but the love you have for what you’re doing would keep you going.

What are your fears in business?

Hmm…  Failure.

What do you think about youths and the seeming lack of staying power with small businesses?

It’s a very serious problem. Small business owners now have to depend on alternative power supply. For example I depend solely on generators. Like I always say if the government gives us at least 18 hours of power Nigerians would solve the unemployment problem themselves.

What advice do you have for people who want to start up but are scared of failing?

It is OK to ‘do it afraid’ like Omolola Oshikoya always says.

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Quote of the day:
Do business till I come!
-Luke 19:13

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