Book Review

Chinua Achebe’s “There Was A Country”-Book Review

…Written by Eloho Akofe

If you think you have it tough, read history books – Bill Maher

Author – Chinua Achebe (1930-2013)

Genre – Memoir (NON-FICTION)

Rating – *****

Page Count – 333

Year Published -2012

“Why has the war not been discussed or taught to the young over forty years after its end? Are we perpetually doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past because we are too stubborn to learn from them? It is for the sake of the future Nigeria, for our children, that I feel it’s important to tell Nigeria’s story, Biafra’s story, our story, my story.”

– By the Late Chinua Achebe

The book starts off with stories from the early days of Nigeria as a country interspersed with that of Achebe’s as a young school boy coming of age.

He gradually takes us through series of events that unfolded with time both before, during and after the war. As one goes along, it is seen that Achebe did not just want to tell us about his experiences at the time, but also show us the effect it had on him and the people of his clan. In his opinion, the igbo people were unjustly treated by Nigerians. And he believes this was as a result of the intelligence and prowess common with them. If anything, I think Achebe before his death sometimes wished and believed Biafra could have survived as a nation if things were better handled by the administrators.

One factor about Nigeria he doesn’t fail to note is that of its leaders and how they’ve always been the root of the country’s problems. This situation, he feels will continue to hold until the masses are willing to get rid of all forms of bias and sentiments; especially those closely related to ethnicity, when electing a leader.

“Most important, Nigeria needed to identify the right leader with the right kind of character, education and background. Someone who would understand what was at stake-where Africa had been, and where it needed to go. For the second time in our short history, we had to face the disturbing fact that Nigeria needed to liberate itself anew, this time, not from a foreign power but from our own corrupt, inept brothers and sisters. Nigeria’s principal problem was identifying and putting in place that elusive leader.” – pg 224

One unique thing about There Was A Country was the manner and form in which it expressed its meaning using a blend of prose, poetry as well as anecdotes. This style of presentation  made me love the book even more.

There was a country is a must read for every Nigerian who cares to know about his country’s past in order to proffer meaningful aid to a secure and prosperous future.

Go get yours now!!!


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