Fiction Series

The Secret Life Of A Naija Runs Girl (3)

From Last Episode


….I didn’t like the fact that any man I would get from then on would first notice a scar on my body, but what could I say? Anything that brought the money was good, in fact, my neck automatically became my best body part.

I sat in a bar, sipping red wine and waiting for the first maga. I wore a bodycon dress, short and colorful, exposing my laps and cleavage. I tapped my left heel on the floor, with a very straight look to repel broke guys and those idiots called security men – fond of embarrassing girls that sat alone, with claims that they came there to pursue men.

“Hello are you here by yourself?” I heard from behind. “Am I disturbing you?” I replied, thinking it was the bar manager. I turned around to see someone different. A short handsome guy, wearing a blue Ralph Lauren Polo and Swatch wrist watch. He smiled and nodded as he sat beside me and said, “No you are not disturbing me, if you don’t mind, I would like to sit beside you, it’s closer to the TV”. “Why not?” I consented.

He sat and turned to me to say something then he paused and said, “Is that a scar on your neck?” I smiled aloud and found myself grinning because it meant he had money. “Yes. It happened when I was little; I used to play a lot.” “Have you stopped!” He asked. “No, but not with everyone.” I said winking. We talked for a while then he introduced himself as Tunde and asked me for my BBM Pin. I felt embarrassed that I didn’t have a smartphone since that guy raped and robbed me. I had to tell him that though I didn’t have a good phone at the moment, I was to get one soon. He was surprised, “How do you cope without being online. You should get a phone today.”

He took me to his car (a Honda End of Discussion) and we drove to his apartment. When we got there, he offered me a plate of jollof rice and grilled chicken, which I gladly accepted. I needed to eat to reduce the effect of the alcoholic wine. He went into his room and brought a package in a pink nylon, gave it to me and said, “A friend bought it for me from the States but you need it more than I do.” I opened it and it was a branded new iPhone 6. Wow!

“Where do guys like this come from?” I asked myself? I was so happy, it was like love at first sight lol. He wanted to let me go without touching me but I didn’t let that happen. I gave him the sex of his life. That was my only claim to this new iPhone; just incase he changed his mind and wanted to take the phone back he would have to return the pleasure I gave him to get it from me – ehhee na.

He dropped me off at my bus-stop the next morning and asked me to contest for a pageant he was organizing, he was in haste so I just said “Okay”.
Immediately I entered my house, I put a sim in my new phone and called Nneka. “Babe na iPhone6 I dey use call you oo….” I said with so much joy. “Belinda who gave you iPhone6?” She asked laughing at the same time. I narrated my whole encounter to her and she encouraged me to do the pageant. She said being a beauty queen was the easiest way to meet big men and that they paid more and still respected you. “Belinda don’t waste this chance with your laziness!” she cautioned.

…To be continued

Culled from The Bug Campus Magazine.
Pictures are not ours unless stated.

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