Personal Post: Today, Last Year

I remember the day I moved out of LUTH. I remember the pain I felt, I remember how I looked at my friends and wondered if we were ever going to be that close again. I had spent the last 4 years of my life with them and the journey wasn’t exactly ending as planned.
I remember the way I struggled to smile at them but burst into tears once the cab man passed the school gate.


I remember getting home, meeting my parents, then holing up in my room for a day or two thinking of what seemed like a bleak future lying ahead of me, before finally going out to look for a job.

I remember the job interviews I had to go for and the NOs I had to endure receiving. I remember the pain I felt on one occasion particularly when the rain beat me so bad on the way to this interview and I just couldn’t stop thinking about how my mates were in school at the moment receiving lectures. I cried that day and of course I flopped at the interview but in the end I finally got the chance to intern for a TV station.


I remember how I never attended church service even after moving home till early this year when I moved back to school, I just couldn’t be as happy as everybody else there. I remember not having appetite for food and losing so much weight, everyone thought I was sick. I remember being used as the example of why you should read your books and not fail out of school.
I remember going through the transfer process and enduring the insults from some people in authority. But I also remember how God favoured me and made my process smooth.


It has been a year, I’m finally back into school and guess what? I more than love my new course and coursemates too. God has really been faithful, though there are times, especially times like this when I’m struggling with something and I ask him why he is allowing me go through this. Why Lord? Why are all these things happening?
Why didn’t you just leave me where I was?
But then…..I have too many questions and only one answer keeps popping up in my head: “All things worketh together for the good of those who love and trust God” so maybe this is working for my good.


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