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The Secret Life Of A Naija Runs Girl (4)

….From Last Week

He dropped me off at my bus-stop the next morning and asked me to contest for a pageant he was organizing, he was in haste so I just said “okay”. Immediately I entered my house, I put a sim in my new phone and called Nneka. “Babe na iPhone6 I dey use call you oo….” I said with so much joy. “Belinda who gave you iPhone6?” She replied as she laughed. I narrated my whole encounter to her and she encouraged me to participate in the pageant. According to her, being a beauty queen was the easiest way to meet big men and that they paid more and still respect you. “Belinda don’t waste this chance with your laziness,” she cautioned.

Today’s episode:


The next day I met Tunde and told him I was ready to participate in the pageant if I was going to win. He smiled and said I didn’t have to worry about that, and that they had their way of manipulating the process to favour whoever they wanted to emerge winner. He told me that I was going to get a car, but that the money was just publicity stunt. Then he gave me the form to fill, took my picture and uploaded everything online. He told me the day for the screening and told me to show face for formalities.

That day I wore a white tank top and black leggings just as he had asked me to. At the end of the day, only 10 of us were selected. Tunde and his team told us that we were going to sell N100,000 worth of tickets each and get likes for our pictures on their facebook page. He did the whole thing for me. While I was leading with over 2000 votes, the next girl that followed had about 500 votes. He also provided me a good costumier and makeup artist for my photoshoot.

On the night of the event, it looked like it was going to be impossible to make me the winner, because two other girls were very pretty and had a lot of friends cheering and applauding in the audience. That didn’t worry Tunde, he already made sure that during the question and answer session, they both got the hardest questions – I had seen my question and answer a day before. They failed their questions, I answered mine, and became the winner.

Tunde wasn’t a rich guy, he was just there; a young man hustling and getting paid. He had a girlfriend at the University of Ibadan, he loved her and planned to marry her immediately after she graduated. He explained to me that we could do a lot together but that there was a line to it. I understood him and I was ready to do business.

A week after I won the pageant, Tunde and I flew to Abuja for a political party convention. We had “million million” projects to present to politicians and whatever we got we shared. What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander; a lot of beauty queens swamped the preconvention hangout. So we literally had to fight to get attention, but in the end I caught the eyes of a state chairman of the party. As I expected he noticed the scar on my neck, and after a brief chat I followed him to his Abuja home in Gwarimpa Estate.

“Nne ibu so mma” He teased me. I blushed, lying with him in his bed covered in a floral duvet. “That your idea to equip libraries for state primary schools is a good one, fantastic. I will make sure the party supports it with 10 million,” he said.
Wow! This was a lot better than collecting all those change for sex. If I continued like this for a year, I was never going broke again, I thought as I kissed him.
“So what of your wife?” I asked. “I don’t have a wife; I lost her about a decade ago. Doctors said it was cancer, I don’t know.”
I went Nollywood on him “Awww….. I’m so sorry, you must miss her.” “Yes I do, sometimes. But she was a wayward girl, just like her daughter.” He replied.
My daughter prefers to follow men in Lagos than get married, she came in this morning to see me. “Let me call her to cook us something.” He picked up his phone and dialed a number, “come to my room.” Five minutes later my friend, Nneka, walked into the room. I almost jumped out of my skin!!!

…To be continued

Culled from The Bug Campus Magazine.
Pictures are not ours unless stated.

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