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Hair Color Trends 2016 Among Hollywood Celebrities


..Written by Victoria Howell


Check these hair color trends and try them out this summer!





Summer season is the best time for experimenting with your style, haircut, and your hair color, of course. We’ve swept through the best salons in New York and gathered valuable information about the hottest hair color trends of summer 2016. So, this is what top Hollywood celebrities have already tried:

1. Nude 

Nude hair is on the highest peak of its popularity because it looks very natural and matches almost any complexion. Why is it called nude? Because it’s a combination of cold and warm tones, which neutralize each other creating an incredibly harmonious shade. It’s extremely easy to wear, no wonder Amanda Seyfried and Cara Delevingne have already rocked this trend!

2. Dark roots

Excellent news for “lazybones” who always fails to take care of deep roots in time. Since now this is trendy among Hollywood celebrities, you can wait 2-3 extra weeks before the next appointment to your colorist. If you don’t dye your hair but want to stay in trend, ask your hairdresser to give your roots darker shade. Naomi Watts, for example, looks great with blonde hair enhanced by the darkness of the roots.

3. Sunset red

This unbelievable color was created for Emma Roberts by her genius hairstylist Nikki Lee. The inspiration came from beautiful summer sunsets, which can be observed from the name given to the color. According to experts at the best salons in New York, it’s a great option for brunettes trying to go lighter but hesitating about blonde shades. Sunset red is also a great replacement for cold copper shades of the winter season, so try it without any doubts!

4. Creamy blonde

Since Jennifer Lawrence is extremely popular nowadays, everyone noticed her new creamy blonde color she demonstrated at the red carpet. It’s a bold decision because this shade requires regular and quite frequent maintenance. It means that you will spend a considerable amount of time at your colorist’s chair. Nevertheless, this color is worth your patience and time because it looks amazing!


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