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Texturizing Your Hair – Escape From The Natural Hair Struggle

….Written by Blessing Iyamadiken

About a year ago, I decided to go natural. It was a huge decision for me because my relaxed hair was very full and at least 12 inches, if not longer. Going natural meant either doing a big chop or transitioning and so I opted for the latter.

My Relaxed was sooo long!!!! Damn!!!

I started transitioning and believe me, I learnt a lot about my hair. I learnt that I have a 4C hair which means I had to put in extra effort to moisturize it. By and by, a 4C hair is difficult to maintain. Learn about the kind of hair you have Here.

This was December. The sun was too much was affecting my eyes.

One year down the line, most of my relaxed hair was gone and I was left with my natural hair.
Was I in love with the journey? Yes!! Because, like I said, I was learning a lot.

But then, taking care of natural 4C hair is tedious. I am a busy person, I have to go for events most of the time. I would love to look really beautiful without spending hours in front of the mirror. Also, when I go to fix or braid, I would love to experience less pain. (I hate pain!)

So, I had to make a decision….either texlax my hair, relax my hair or texturize my hair.
I wasn’t keen on texlaxing my hair because I did a little research and it turned out that was what I had been doing before I started transitioning, as you can see in the first picture my hair wasn’t flat. Read more about texlaxing Here

I also didn’t want to end up with a flattened hair (no curls, just straight hair) the result of relaxing your hair, so I decided to texturize my hair.
That way, I get to maintain my curls and still rock a natural look.
Texturizing your hair helps to loosen your curls and make your hair more manageable. Compare texturizing to relaxing your hair Here.
Now my hair is free, more manageable, and locks in moisture easily, plus, it still looks natural so ✌✌

Had to show you some of my friends :mrgreen::mrgreen:
As you can see....I still look natural


I am not about what people say or how they talk you down because of you have a relaxed hair. I am about doing whatever you think suits your hair. And for now, I am thinking texturizers are my go to. Tomorrow, I may decide to go on dreads, you never can tell. I feel like as we grow, we go through phases with our hair. I’ll explain what I mean next week.
Stick around, I’ll be taking you through my texturing journey from time to time.

This post was kinda impromptu. There will be more hair pictures next time.

Quote of the day:
Reading gives a huge blow to your ignorance!!!!

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