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The Secret Life Of A Naija Runs Girl (5) – Fiction

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I flinched, held on to the duvet firmly and sank into the bed like I was just confronted by a ghost. Nneka on the other hand did not shake one bit as she wore a straight face, fully focused on taking her father’s orders.
It is one thing to be caught in bed by your friend with her father and another thing entirely when that girl is Nneka. Nneka is not a regular girl. We all know she is always extreme, never lukewarm, she takes things too far, no wonder her favourite quote is “Anything worth doing is worth doing well”.

I was so lost in the moment that I did not hear a single word she or her father said. I only remember that she took a second look at me as she left the room.
I jumped out of the bed immediately she closed the door, took off my night gown and quickly sneaked into my bum-short which usually fit into my waist quickly.

“Where are you going to?” Nneka’s father asked. “Please, I forgot I had an urgent appointment.” I replied. He tried to persuade me to stay but I fought my way through promising to call him later in the day. He agreed and gave me ten thousand naira for my transport. I exhaled as I got into a cab heading to my hotel room, as I thought to myself, “I definitely missed an acid bath there.”

Times like this, you thank God you are not in Lagos, in just 15 minutes, I was out of the cab. I stopped at a nearby restaurant because I was really hungry, the endless sex on an empty stomach was telling on me. After eating, I walked slowly to my hotel room picking my teeth like an illiterate trader. I got into my room after knocking forever while Tunde was sleeping like a log of wood.

“How did it go?” Tunde asked with eyes wide open and fixed on me as he opened the door. “He sounds positive to me.” I answered and dropped on the sofa. I told him all he needed to know – that obviously didn’t include the Nneka drama.

For a week, we toured Abuja and my charm kept making rich and powerful men fall helplessly for me. One of them was a real estate tycoon, Alhaji Jibrin. He said he wanted us to be friends and that he would like to meet me in Lagos. He asked where I resided in Lagos, and I told him that I was making plans to move to a new place but was staying at Ketu meanwhile. To my greatest surprise, he offered me a free apartment in 1004, Victoria Island, and of course, I wholeheartedly accepted.

Days after, Tunde and I returned to Lagos and right from the airport, I had mixed feelings of happiness garnished with regrets. Even though Nneka’s father was yet to come through with his promises, I already made one of my best friends an enemy. But on the bright side, I had made over two and half million naira and a luxury apartment in a little over two weeks in Abuja. Now in Lagos, I had two actions to take immediately. First, I had to move my things to my new home, and afterwards visit Aunty Ejiro to help mend fence with Nneka.

Aunty Ejiro was the only person Nneka respected. We met her at a club in Ikeja during our university days, and became friends. Prior to the meeting, Nneka and I avoided mature men and only associated with young boys. She brought us out of that foolishness. Young boys only bought you drinks, clothes, and surely drove you around in their cars but they never gave you cash.

Even though Nneka was richer than AuntyEjiro, she still respected her greatly and I was going to exploit it.
As I planned, Aunty Ejiro took me to Nneka’s house after I had narrated the “story of my life” to her. She really couldn’t stop laughing. Her position on the matter was even mocking; she didnt see any problem in the fact that I slept with Nneka’s father. “Shey na only sleep you sleep with the man, your body come dey shake like this?” She quizzed me. “Abi Nneka go marry her papa? She no dey sleep with people grandfather? Belinda abeg free your mind.” she said.

The best I could muster was the courage to stand in front of Nneka’s house, putting on sun glasses- to protect my eyes, in case she welcomed me with venom. We rang the bell and immediately, Musa (the gate man) came answering. I was in a sober mood so Aunty Ejiro did the talking, she told Musa to go tell Nneka that it was “Ejiro her madam”. After quizzing Aunty Ejiro, the poor gate man couldn’t digest the message; how could a woman who did not have a car call herself his Madam’s madam?

Eventually he went, but not before killing us with the stench that oozed from his mouth. Few minutes later, I saw Nneka coming towards us….

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Culled from The Bug Campus Magazine


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