Fiction Series

The Secret Life Of A Naija Runs Girl (6)

From Last Week

Nneka walked towards us and immediately she saw Aunty Ejiro, she picked up her steps and ran into her arms. She snubbed me and acted like she didn’t see me, but I had expected worse of course.


I was so surprised at how easy it was to reconcile Nneka and I, instead of a heated atmosphere I envisaged was going to make our discussion; Nneka was calm and understanding. She smiled as she puffed a stick of cigarette, and as she had always been, she stayed unpredictable. She concluded by hailing me for entering the big league of “Abuja Babes”. Since Aunty Ejiro had been out of the country for two years and it was kind of a re-union for us, we agreed to catch up on the gold old days by clubbing that weekend. We wrapped up the excitement by “washing” Nneka’s new car (Toyota Venza) we popped several bottles of champagne for that.

Within the week, Nneka’s father called me to catch up and “clear the air” – the poor man thought he did something that turned me off the day I hurriedly left his Abuja home. Every disappointment is a blessing indeed, instead of the 10 million naira we discussed, he wired 11 million to my account. I was in awe. Wow! Just like that, I immediately called Tunde and told him that I got the 10 million naira – of course I wasn’t going to tell him of the extra, that one is the dividend of my hand work on him. I met him later in the day and we celebrated with “point and kill” (catfish), Irish cream, Hennessey. Tunde came up with a formula for us to share the money, he said we could execute the job and also do good media publicity for it with 4 million naira, and then share the remaining 6 million equally. I would have objected but since he was going to do all the technical work, and I only had to go to Owerri when he it was time for the launch and publicity, I accepted. So we went to the bank the next day and I transferred 7 million naira to him. With that done, I had about 6.2 million left in my account. I went shopping for clothes, electronics, foodstuffs, and furniture, kitchen and parlor fittings.

So finally, the Friday we planned to hookup and paint Lagos red came. I was going to have all the fun with my girls. Time check 9:45pm as I walked out of the bathroom dripping and toweling my body dry. I dressed up as quick as I could in blue short body-con dress, black Christian Louboutin studded heels and my gold necklace. Just before I left my apartment, I made sure I had my anklet on my foot, condom and all other working equipment was intact (just in case).

The night turned out to be nothing short of what I expected. We had the limelight, three hot girls popping like guys, dancing like we were paid to. When we were tired of that, we decided to do some naughty stuff with men who just won’t give up.

About three hours later, I started feeling nauseous, I rushed to the rest room and threw up. It was strange and I started suspecting the guy I was with earlier. I told Aunty Ejiro about it and she observed me for a while before asking me a mind boggling question, “You sure say no be belle you carry so?” “No, it can’t be, God forbid!” I responded immediately.

That was the end of my groove. Even though I pretended like I had the best night in the world as we drove away, deep within me, I was tense. If I was pregnant, the only person that was responsible was Nneka’s father. The night we were together, I didn’t use protection in order to impress him and I forgot to use my morning after pills because of Nneka’s drama.

I kept praying that I wasn’t pregnant as I got home and waited for dawn to verify. As early as 7:30, I rushed to the nearest pharmacy to get a pregnancy test strip and immediately I returned, I followed the instructions immediately and did the test. I was too scared to look at first, but I looked and found out that I was wrong and Aunty Ejiro was right. I was pregnant.


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