General Issues

BBC Media Action Presents #NoSidonLook


Hi guys, is something wrong in your area? 

Well now is the time for you/us to do something about it. We want to see what’s going on across Nigeria. If you SidonLook they no go repair your light, if you SidonLook they no go repair road, if you SidonLook you no go get water.

Send in your pictures or videos to @TalkYourOwn and @SCEEPNG and ‘your own handle’ using the #NoSidonLook come on guys let’s do this together

‘#NoSidonLook’ is a campaign aimed at getting young people who are very active on social media discussing/doing all sorts, ‘Not to sit down and look’ while things get from bad to worse all around them, it is aimed at getting young people to take a stand (get off the fence) take ownership and not just watch while things go wrong in society and actually do your bit. The campaign covers basically all aspects of life from citizens’ responsibility to the state and to the states responsibility to its citizens and citizens’ engagement.  All aimed at stimulating people to engage with problems in a responsible way and not to lose hope.

So What Are You Waiting For? The #NoSidonLook campaign will be driven on social media platforms; from the @TalkYourOwn Twitter handle/ Talk Your Own Facebook Page / Talk Your Instagram Account / @ActionAidNG Twitter handle /@SCEEPNG Twitter handle

Start tweeting, sharing, instagraming. No just sidon dey look!


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