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A beginner’s guide to makeup

Learn the basics with the help of this article!


If you are a beginner in the whole makeup deal, you might need some guidance. Fortunately, learning how to do your own makeup is way easier than learning how to do your hair. You still might need to visit a midtown hair salon in NYC for the latter. However, you surely will have the former in a bag if you follow these simple tips and stay patient!



  1. Match, Match, Match

Although makeup is created for your self-expression and there are no rules to it, there are, however, several requirements. First of all, you should try to keep it as tidy and sharp as you can – messy application is not appealing. The second requirement is to match the shade of your foundation to your actual skin. If your face and body are different in color, match the product to your neck instead of your face. This means, if you are wearing fake tan, you should look for shade, which matches the fake tan, not your pale face. Talk to the consultant in the store and ask them to match you. Be careful, some shades can oxidize and become darker. Some can also change color – become orange, pink, gray. Apply the foundation to your neck and wait a little bit.

  1. Learn Basics

Learn the basics by watching YouTube tutorials or by asking you more makeup-savvy friends. Make sure to blend your eye-shadows and foundation properly, find the suitable method of application, and learn how to use contouring correctly.

  1. Less Is More

When you are first into makeup, it is tough to keep yourself in check, but try not to go overboard. Remember: less is more. Your primary goal is to enhance your features, create new ones, and express your taste and style. You don’t need to make your whole face to do that.


Follow these recommendations from if you want to learn the basics of makeup!



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