Fiction Series

The Secret Life Of A Naija Runs Girl (Finale)

The only way my plot to get Alhaji to marry me could be successful was making sure we went raw and without condoms. He opened his wallet and popped out a sachet of condoms. I got furious and I quickly reached for it and threw it off the bed. “I don’t like condoms.” I said as he stared, dazzled at my action. “Kai what do you mean you don’t like kwondoms kwo? You don’t want us to ‘frotect’ ourselves?” He asked in his heavy-accented English. “Alhaji it is not everybody I sleep with or is it because I slept with you in Abuja?” After a long debate, the poor man accepted my terms and we got down.

A problem shared is a problem half solved. Three months later, my pregnancy was becoming more profound, it was time to inform Alhaji that I was having a child for him. We spoke on the phone one evening and his mood was right, I knew I just had to tell him then. When I mentioned it he laughed and told me to stop the joke. I laughed and re-emphasized I was serious about it. He asked me a lot of provoking questions and eventually concluded that he would take all I said as a bluff till his friend who was a medical doctor confirmed that I was pregnant.

We hooked up days later and went for the test, soon the result was out. Alhaji Jibrin said he would go get it alone and insited that I didn’t need to go. I was okay with that. The next day, I called him in the evening and he kept cutting my call. Soon, a text from him came saying “I will call you tomorrow”. That night, I couldn’t sleep, I kept thinking and hoping nothing went wrong.

To cut the long story short, I got arrested the next day. Alhaji Jibrin made a report to the police that I stole 100 million naira worth of diamond from his Lagos apartment. He alleged that I was the only one who had access to his Lagos home since the key was in the bunch which he gave me for the 1004 apartment I stay in. I was abused; clearly the officers were paid to make sure I remained in detention. The way the case was arranged, it seemed to me like I was in a James Bond film. I couldn’t talk to anyone; I stayed in the police cell for two weeks before I met Alhaji Jibrin again.

I was led out of my dark dirty cell in handcuffs. All the beauty queen in me vanished from the hardship and beating of the two weeks stay. No make-up , no perfume, I was dirty when I was handed over to Alhaji Jibrin in one of the police offices. He looked at me and I stared at him wishing I had a gun to shoot him. My only consolation was that I would soon know the truth behind the persecution.

Alhaji Jibrin told me that I had HIV. His doctor friend had confirmed it and immediately tested him. He too was HIV positive. He looked me in the eyes and kept asking “why?” He knew that I tried to force my pregnancy on him because he was impotent. I couldn’t believe my ears. My world had come crashing and there was nothing I could do about it.

Life is very unfair. Aunty Ejiro wjo brought me into this business was still living fine, Nneka who took me to the spiritualist was still enjoying her life. Why did my own have to be different? Why?

The End

P.S: Pictures are not ours unless stated.


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