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​Three Fall Makeup Trends – Jessica Carter

The new season means style change, which includes a new haircut from a fashion hair salon and a new makeup routine. To help you with the change, we present you three fall makeup trends!

1. Bold Wings

A bold, sharp cat eye has been a makeup staple for many years, and the trend is not going down anytime soon. Flattering to all eye colors and almost all eye shapes, bold wings can be done in almost any color imaginable, from traditional black to soft brown, plum, and even bright blue. Play with your eyeliner and see what goes nicely with your eyes in particular. Try different lengths and widths. You can soften it up and blend out the wing a little bit, or you can leave it sharp and precise.

2. Warm Tones

Want to look all autumnal? Add some warmth and color to your face. Make sure to stock on bronzers and contouring kits. Now these will look much more appropriate than they did in summer. Invest in several red, orange, and brown eyeshadows. Golden, deep purple, and brick red colors are a hit during this season as well. Look up several makeup tutorials on Youtube and learn a couple of new looks you finally can use without looking like a goth!

3. Dark Lips

Waited for the moment when that black lipstick sitting in your drawer won’t look ridiculous if you wear it outside? Well, rejoice, my friend, for the time has finally come. Fall is the time of the year, when dark colors are actually not only acceptable but also are trendy and fashionable. Slap on some burgundy, dark plum, or charcoal black lipstick if you want to and rock your new look with confidence! You might want to make sure you don’t go overboard, though. Go for one dark accent — if your lips are dark, keep your eyes warm and neutral and vice versa. 

Try to incorporate these three elements into your new look!

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