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BBC Media Action Presents: How I #NoSidonLook

On the 7th of September, 2016, BBC Media Action Nigeria, through the SCEEP project launched a radio and social media campaign tagged #NoSidonLook.



The campaign featured videos/pictures sent in by regular citizens to show what’s not right in their environment and to call for attention of authorities responsible. People as well used the opportunity to ask various levels of government questions about issues in their areas.


We appreciate immensely your participation and contributions.

 On the 17th of November, BBC Media Action Launches HOW I NO SIDON LOOK

The concept is aimed at getting young Nigerians to share their stories through online videos/pictures of how they have actively engaged in the development of their communities and people around them through engaging duty bearers and through self-help. This looks for those exemplary methods people have used to questions their leaders on the affairs of their area. It also looks at how young people can develop the culture of asking questions, taking part and monitoring the process of governance in their immediate localities.


This is a shift from complaining about things that are not working to contributing to make things work. The campaign aims to get them to ‘Not to sit down and look’ while things get from bad to worse all around them. It is aimed at getting young people to get off the fence and take ownership of efforts to improve their communities. In addition to citizen responsibility, the campaign also covers the state’s responsibility to its citizens, with the end goal being stronger citizen participation in governance processes and governments that are more responsive to the needs of citizens.


You can be part of this campaign through tweets/videos to @talkyourown using the hashtag #NoSIdonLook, or on facebook ‘Talk Your Own-Make Naija Better’ or mobile number 07082821279.


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