One Last Post. We Have Moved

Thetitle of this post reminds me of a conversation I once had with a friend on long term goals and short term goals.

I am really not sure what to expect of this post. I feel I may have lost more than half of the readers on this platform due to my long absence. But this long absence has not been without good reason. 

I started Urban Woman Magazine and on the 19th of May, the first edition was launched. Starting a magazine has always been the long term goal.

Deciding whether or not to continue posting on here has been a herculean task. Finally I have decided to stop blogging so I can focus on running Urban Woman Magazine.

It has been a jolly good ride. I learnt a lot blogging on this platform and funny enough, today marks two years since I blogged first.

You can visit the magazine’s site on urbanwomanmag.com and also download the maiden of the edition of the magazine Here

Thank you. I am looking forward to seeing you on urbanwomanmag.com