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Notoriety And The Human Psyche

….His quote reminded me of the story of an Australian woman, Noela Rukundo, whose husband hired assassins to kill her on a visit to Burundi for the burial of a relative. In a nutshell, the situation boomeranged and he got nine years for inciting murder. It must have been a shock to Noela. Her husband certainly didn’t belie the fact he was planning her murder, this was a classic case of “notoriety and the human psyche”…

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Using children as domestic slaves – By Debbie Ariyo

A Nigerian- British couple were convicted in the United Kingdom for trafficking and exploiting a man they brought into the country when he was 14 years old, holding him captive for the next 24 years as their slave. The man spent most of his life at the whim and caprices of the couple and their… Continue reading Using children as domestic
slaves – By Debbie Ariyo